Programming with PerlQt

PerlQt is a very fast and easy way to create great looking GUI programs using the Qt drag and drop form designer and Perl. PerlQt is powerful enough for advanced developers and easy for beginners as well.

This Wiki site is intended for people of all skill levels that want a quick way to get started programing with PerlQt. Please contact us and let us know how we can make this site help you better. developers have created a PerlQt project manager that makes it very easy to learn the starting steps of computer programming by reducing the complex steps of project creation to a few simple buttons. This tool does not teach anyone how to program in Perl or C++ with Qt but it does enable users to explore their possibilities with out feeling intimidated by the complexities that PerlQt is handling for them automatically in the background.

This Wiki site was setup to help you learn how to program in PerlQt.

New Stuff

Watch the video tutorial on installing and programming with PerlQt on Linux Mint

For a detailed list of what's new please see Recent changes.

Example projects are now hosted on for
faster bandwidth and better access for everyone.
Database connections to MySQL and PostgreSQL have a new example program. VeSql!
Take a look at the Database connections section.


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Perl - The Swiss-Army chainsaw of programming.

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