Download Examples

Sometimes the best way to see how something works is to see it working. Give these examples a go, read the code and try them out.

You can extract TBZ files from the command line using tar. To extract the QPushButton file do this on the command line.

tar xvfj QPushButton.tbz

Now you will find the QPushButtion directory has been created and is full of files for you to try out.

Signals and Slots

These examples show the connection of SIGNALs and SLOTs using some of the Qt objects. For a complete list of Qt objects and how to use them please see Qt objects documentation.

Built in dialogs

These are pre-built dialogs that make it faster to code.


Real Projects

These are some PerlQt projects that are actually in use. Most of them come with the Radados Linux OS and may require other packages to be installed before you could run them but the source code is available here for you to download.

If you have a project and would like a link to it posted here please contact us.

  • Installer program for the Radados Linux OS
  • PerlQt the project manager GUI (Radados users can install the package radados-perlqt)
  • GenerateKey GUI to assist with creating SSH keys (Radados users can install the package radados-generagekey)
  • MessageViewer to read error logs in a database
  • PrintDlg a dialog to direct print jobs to a CUPS printer que (Radados users can install the package radados-printdlg)
  • SimpleCalculator a very simple calculator program
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