PerlQt Forms

The PerlQt project manager will generate a .pl file for each project that file is the name of the program and the command to run to start your program. The forms you design for your project will be made up of three files and end with three different extensions.

  • .pm This is your code file. Put all your code in this file. It will invoke the file but having a line near the top that says use «Your Form»GUI;
  • GUI.ui This is the XML file that the Qt designer creates. Do not edit this file manually you could break your form design.
  • This is the Perl code that PerlQt generates from your GUI.ui file. Do not edit this file any changes you make to it will be lost when you change your GUI.ui

The Qt designer is a WYSIWYG editor that lets you drag and drop widgets on a Form. It is very easy to create the look you want for your program.

The Qt designer saves form designs as XML files. Qt comes with a program that reads these XML files and turns them into C++ files. PerlQt comes with a program that does much the same thing but rather then generate a C++ file it reads the XML file to generate a Perl file. The PerlQt project manager will save your XML form designs as a file that ends with GUI.ui and generates a Perl file that ends with

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